Treatment Plant Safety
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Safety Tailgate Topics

Keeping safety in the forefront of everyone's mind helps prevent accidents. And one of the best ways to keep people thinking safe is to hold weekly Safety Tailgate Meetings.

These are brief, informal meetings that emphasize safety on a specific topic. Rotating operators to lead the meetings gives everyone a chance to research their topic and makes the meetings more interesting. If some operators are too shy to lead a meeting, perhaps they can create a handout or participate in some other way.

Some topics should be tailored to specific events or times of year. For instance, a meeting on heat safety should be held in late spring or early summer.

You may also want to schedule topics in a series--for instance, schedule a meeting on unloading chlorine cylinders one week, changing chlorine cylinders the next, etc. Or you may prefer to discuss totally different issues each week to prevent boredom or complacence.

That being said, here's a list of possible tailgate safety topics to consider. If you think of more, please let us know!
Lockout/Tagout    HTH Safety Working in Hot Weather 
Electrical Safety Chlorine Safety        Working in Cold Weather    
Confined Space Entry     Chemical Storage Safety During Storms
Hot Work Permits Chemical Deliveries Cross Connections
Welding Safety Lab Safety Personal Protective Equipment
Fall Prevention Use of Fume Hoods Eye Protection
Working Around Tanks Diesel and Gas Safety Hand Protection
Preventing Back Injuries Material Safety Data Sheets Head Protection
Proper Lifting Techniques Incompatible Chemicals Foot Protection
Working with Wastewater Fire Prevention Hearing Protection
Dangers of Horseplay Use of Fire Extinguishers Respiratory Protection
Ladder Safety Sulfur Dioxide Safety Housekeeping for Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens Methanol Safety Power Tool Safety
Forklift Safety      Evacuation Plan Hand Tool Safety
Safe Driving Emergency Plan Procedures  Safety Mindset
Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspections Safety Showers Teamwork for Safety
Mechanical Equipment Safety Stop, Drop & Roll Management of Change
Maintenance of Traffic  Safety Working at Night     Treatment Plant Security
Accident Review Shift Work Safety      Proper Use of Lab Equipment
Close-Calls Discussion Safety Working Alone Preventing Trips and Falls

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