Treatment Plant Safety
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Safety Stumbling Blocks

Nobody wants to get hurt, right? So you would think that everyone would always work safe—and there would be no accidents. Yet, people get hurt every day.

Below are some common reasons why people don’t work safe. Think about whether any of these items resonates with you:

·         Inattention – failure to concentrate on the task at hand


·         Carelessness – being negligent or reckless


·         Haste – Trying to complete a task more quickly often leads to forgetting or purposely bypassing safety requirements


·         Poor Planning – Complex tasks need to be planned so safety needs can be addressed.


·         Intimidation – fear of asking management for proper safety equipment or procedures.


·         Complacency – performing a task on a regular, repeating basis can lead to the belief that there is no danger.


·         Preoccupation – thinking about problems or issues other than the task at hand.


·         Overconfidence – believing you can be safe without protective measures.


·         Distraction – allowing something to draw your attention away from the task you are doing.


·         Some accidents happen because people just don’t know

     About the hazards that are present

     How to protect themselves from the hazards

That’s why safety and training programs are so important

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