Treatment Plant Safety
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Welcome to Treatment Plant Safety

Treatment Plant Safety is an information center for water and wastewater operators and managers.


As you know, water and sewer treatment plants are dangerous workplaces. Sewage treatment tank confined spaces, deadly chemicals, pathogenic bacteria--those are just a few of the hazards that we face during a normal day's work.


This website will give you all the information you need to work safe.

We're continually adding to the site, so come back often to see what's new!


We'll help you develop or update your safety program. And take a look at why people don't always follow the rules.


We'll explore each safety issue in depth--from lab safety to personal protective equipment to respirator requirements for chlorine handling--with links to the matching OSHA regulations.


There will be a section on plant security too.


We'll include a special section on working conditions. For example, treatment plant shift work has an effect on accident rates. And many operators work alone, which is another item to consider for your safety program. Water and sewer professionals work in the heat, in the cold, during storms, and we’ll discuss how to work safe in those circumstances.


Our Lessons Learned section gives you a place to talk about accidents or close calls at your treatment plant so others can learn from your experiences. (Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous).


We’ll cover new safety regulations, the latest in protective gear, and review high-profile accident investigations in the water-wastewater industry.


Got an idea or opinion about treatment plant safety that you’d like to discuss? Send it to us!

Frequent safety reminders help prevent accidents, so we have plenty of tailgate safety meeting topics for free.


We also want to hear about any questions you may have. This is your water and wastewater safety website. As this website expands, we’ll tailor it cover what's important to you.


Welcome to Treatment Plant Safety—and let’s work safe!

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